Mutual Friends的乐评 (2)

某线 2011-11-06 20:38:24


Waitress They walk in and sit down, The fair mood of the day. They read books over tea, They give tips when they pay. Butter and bread, diet Coke and cake, She takes notes, she makes no mistake. Well daylight is fadin' Which way does the tray go? While the...  (展开)
肥企鹅 2012-03-22 01:48:55


第一次听到 BOY的歌,是在看到德国喜剧《Knallerfrauen》,当时短短的Theme Song就让我觉得很惊艳。 找来了完整《Little Numbers》来听。 结果第一反应就是,风格很像法国乐团 Phoenix,有木有?  (展开)

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