Bury Me In My Rings的乐评 (2)

FTJMC 2012-02-29 16:03:08


一年半来就没有听厌过... 几年发一张片,现在共发了三张,也可以看得出每一张都有很大的飞跃,越来越游刃有余的感情腔调。 主唱Blake Snennett 的声音就像冷水煮青蛙,开始的不温不火,慢慢地突然一个变调把你boil 掉了。。 每一首歌都是一个独特的故事,或轻快或懒散或...  (展开)
FTJMC 2012-03-01 14:02:35

【News】Blake Sennett Rebounded From Rilo Kiley Split by Resurrecting the Elected

[News ] There was once a time when Blake Sennett wasn't sure he'd ever make another record. After frontwoman Jenny Lewis called for an end to Rilo Kiley in the wake of 2007's 'Under the Blacklight,' the guitarist took a step back from the music industry, ...  (展开)

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