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ooouo 2014-10-28 15:24:56

英伦奇幻领军乐团WILD BEASTS要来上海啦!!!

“英伦摇滚圈最闪亮耀眼的乐团之一。” ——the Guardian 双主唱截然不同的音色加上野兽般的音乐创作野心,造就来自英格兰独立大厂Domino Record旗下最具杀伤力的摇滚乐团Wild Beasts。这支曾入围水星奖提名的英伦奇幻乐团不久之前刚结束在美国的巡演,所到之处都出现火速完售...  (展开)
oasistrokes 2014-04-20 02:05:42

Review by Heather Phares

A more polished, cohesive second album might not have been expected from the Wild Beasts, but then again, their debut didn't exactly play by the rules either. Limbo, Panto was a particularly apt title for the band's first album: its songs were nearly as dis...  (展开)

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