The First Days of Spring的乐评 (2)

该吃药了 2012-08-11 22:11:11


第一次听诺尔与鲸鱼乐团是在三年前,第一首便是our window。 冗长的前奏,低沉的钢琴伴着淡淡的轻脆打击乐器,好像一个悠闲惬意的午后,阵阵风撩过窗前悬挂的风铃,扰了春天的美梦。 and we both know that it's over, but we both are not ready and you're talking like a st...  (展开)
♥ i hate Fat. a 2009-12-07 18:11:13

my broken heart,失眠綜合症。

You can give up anything when you're following your heart I never had the time to show I could depart with my whole being, go back to the start Oh I promised more in vows then I ever give with my heart but I'll be lonely Oh I'll be lonely Oh I'll be lonely...  (展开)

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