Autumn of the Seraphs的乐评 (2)

valdanito 2007-09-22 22:17:03


两年前,我曾经吹捧过Pinback啊。那时我就说,这个乐队好啊,有特点啊,玩的和别人挺不一样啊...因为他们少根弦嘛... 出了几张专辑后,去年Pinback炒了趟旧饭——那会儿就闻到馊味了... 今年Pinback很快出了Autumn of the Seraphs的新砖。 两年来,奈何我英语无甚进步,弄了半天...  (展开)
不知火舞ilaria 2007-09-15 22:11:02

finally here comes their new album

i've just heard about this new album from my friend in sf, he told me to listen to this. actually, the album is still pinback style. i like there summer in abanddon, and blue screen life and offcell. pinback is pretty cool and a super cool live show band...  (展开)

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