Secondhand Daylight的乐评 (2)

riverknows 2019-12-31 20:27:02

Feed The Enemy

"Feed The Enemy"和"Shot By Both Sides"持类似怀疑论基调。"Shot"来自Devoto某次与女友对政治的讨论,受女友一句话启发。Devoto在Buzzcocks发行首张EP后果断离开"punk movement",当深陷无论是主流文化或逃去反主流文化,如果企图打破它的常规,你会发现他们其实是一路货色。...  (展开)
汪杨 2010-10-27 11:10:28

听Magazine《Secondhand Daylight》

Magazine乐队的一张不错的专辑。 Secondhand Daylight, the second Magazine album, sounds like it must have been made in the dead of winter. You can imagine the steam coming out of Howard Devoto's mouth as he projects lines like "I was cold at an equally cold...  (展开)

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