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追忆 The Beatles 2(下)Beatles for Sale

Beatles for Sale 无论是从专辑的标题、封面,乃至歌词,都与此前几张专辑的欢快积极风格大相径庭,由于专辑的制作日程非常紧张,巡演与专辑灌录同时进行,以至于乐队成员非常疲惫,即便是如 John 和 Paul 这样的高产和精力旺盛,也无法延续上一张专辑《A Hard Day's Night》的...  (展开)
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Listening to this record

Having been listening Beatles for a good old 5 years. Never ever have been like this round of time. There's "No Reply" from you. Although I felt "I'm A Loser", but another day has come, "I'll Follow The Sun"... and will I still be your "Baby's In Black" w...  (展开)
oasistrokes 2012-08-15 02:47:43

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

It was inevitable that the constant grind of touring, writing, promoting, and recording would grate on the Beatles, but the weariness of Beatles for Sale comes as something of a shock. Only five months before, the group released the joyous A Hard Day's Nigh...  (展开)

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