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oasistrokes 2014-01-31 00:53:08

Review by Heather Phares

The title might be French for "fool the world," but with Trompe le Monde, the Pixies weren't fooling anyone: this was essentially Black Francis' solo debut. It focuses on Francis' sci-fi fascination and lacks any Kim Deal songs; even her backing vocals are ...  (展开)
爱莲丽lucky丝 2010-05-11 23:17:05


哈啊哈哈哈啊和 我勒小妖精!我的富兰克弗兰西斯!!我的弗兰克弗兰所瓦西斯~~~~~~~~~~爱老虎油~~~~爱搜老虎油~~~~~~~~~~~  (展开)
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Pixies是另类/独立音乐史上最具才华,最独特的乐队,独特到众多后来者想模仿甚至复制都以失败告终。Pixies无法用已知的任何一种音乐风格精准定义,所以,Pixies本身就是一种独一无二的音乐风格。  (展开)

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