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雅各布 2010-04-19 22:58:59

Don't Stop!

说起Fleetwood Mac所有人最容易想起的还是Stevie Nicks创作的Dreams.当然这远远不是他们的全部,翻开Fleetwood Mac的历史,无可否认Rumours这张唱片将占据相当显耀的地位. 大概浏览一下Rumours的曲目,Second Hand News、Dreams、Go Your Own Way、Songbird、You Make Loving ...  (展开)
tiger 2010-03-16 13:26:57

Fleetwood Mac是我的音乐启蒙老师

记得九十年代初,还在高中的我第一次在EASY FM中听到那个苏格兰的DJ不断的介绍FLM,一下子被他们优美的旋律深深打动,事隔多年,这张专辑我找了很久,才在一个乐队朋友里找到并送给了我,当时那份激动之情溢于言表。真希望这支乐队永生。  (展开)
oasistrokes 2014-05-23 00:11:41

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Rumours is the kind of album that transcends its origins and reputation, entering the realm of legend -- it's an album that simply exists outside of criticism and outside of its time, even if it thoroughly captures its era. Prior to this LP, Fleetwood Mac w...  (展开)
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Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time Review

The sixth-best-selling album of all time owed its success to Fleetwood Mac's willingness to turn private turmoil into gleaming, melodic public art. The band's two romantic couples — bassist John and singer-keyboard player Christine McVie, who were married;...  (展开)