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320kbps DL

-------------------------------------------------- Fink – 《Perfect Darkness》 320Kbps MP3 112+3提取码:e60ah8aw -------------------------------------------------  (展开)
White Bear 2013-05-01 21:32:44

Warm Shadow

What you got goin' on Behind those eyes closed, holdin' on I don't want another day to break Take our, steal our night away Warm shadow Warm shadow Won't you cast yourself on me What you got in store for me Keep those eyes closed, next to me I don'...  (展开)
White Bear 2013-05-01 21:31:04

Perfect Darkness

Perfect memories fall down like ashes From the fire we made love and everything we gotta say we save it See the black heels around the fire Feel the night air in perfect darkness babe Perfect darkness I can see Deep water stay under See it rolling ov...  (展开)

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