Palace的乐评 (2)

oasistrokes 2013-08-01 14:59:10

Review by Andrew Leahey

Released after a year's worth of touring and buzz-building, Palace marks Chapel Club's full-length debut. Producer Paul Epworth, flush with success after helming Cee-Lo Green's Lady Killer and Florence and the Machine's Lungs, frames the band's dramatic ind...  (展开)
Mademoiselle B 2015-01-15 19:25:27

The Shore歌词翻译

我在这趟漫无目的的火车之旅上看着广告。 I'm having a billboard time on this aimless train ride. 似乎我们将黄金时代都用在了花市和阳台上。 It seems we spend the best hours of our lives in flower markets, on balconies. 碌碌无为,却心比天高 Wasted and wanting mo...  (展开)