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2012-03-30 09:46:39


============================= TrackList: 01. Cigarettes In the Theatre 02. Come Back Home 03. Do You Want It All? 04. This Is the Life 05. Something Good Can Work 06. I Can Talk 07. Undercover Martyn 08. What You Know 09. Eat That Up, It's Good for...  (展开)
2012-10-09 09:41:42

Eat That up, it's good for you.

我也不知道为什么,这首歌我最后把他定为泡菜之歌。 听得时候就很欢快的想要吃泡菜。 今天晚上一直在和两件事做斗争,一个是shell script,一个就是datamapper, I believe the original purpose was making life easier by using ORM and shell script, sarcastically, they a...  (展开)

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