Great Opera Recordings - Tristan und Isolde的乐评 (2)

Lefrançois 2019-10-24 13:10:47

Their voices like lasers through a swamp(转发)

The evening before I listened to this 'historical' recording of Tristan und Isolde on Naxos, I listened to the 'historic' recording of Tannhäuser, also Naxos, also re-engineered from the original old cylinders and transferred by the wonderful recording e...  (展开)
Lefrançois 2019-10-24 09:21:41

Historical Recordings with Golden Combination(转发)

First performed in Munich in 1865, Tristan und Isolde changed the course of musical history. Wagner, hopelessly driven by an unconsummated passion for Mathilde Wesendonck (the wife of one of his patrons), took the iconographic adulterers of medieval literat...  (展开)

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