Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony的乐评 (2)

aiyazawa 2009-11-15 21:37:49

Our History Will Be What We Make Of It--台词

Our history will be what we make of it. And if there are any historians about 50 or 100 years from now - and there should be preserved the kinescopes of one week of all three networks - they will there find, recorded in black and white and in color, evidenc...  (展开)
宫商角徵羽 2010-11-26 12:14:16


不管人们怎么称呼现在的摇滚乐队,无论是后摇滚还是怎么样,现在的摇滚已经不像以前的那么突出硬和粗犷了。所以对于我自己来说,全都称之为新。 这种曲风的摇滚我认为是相当讨巧的。有钢琴,旋律动听,又有摇滚打底。时不时用的效果电音都比较特别。曲子相当细腻,再结合摇滚的...  (展开)

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