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FruitTree 2009-01-09 05:39:04

electric counterpoint

Lately I have been waking up everyday around 5am and stay awake until 8am and then fell back to sleep for two more hours. Then I get up and start my crazy day. Long hours of tedious work in the lab, minimalistic music, and overdosage of caffeine did that to...  (展开)
andrea 2017-02-27 08:41:33

Lyrics of Different Trains

I. America - Before the War: From Chicago to New York. One of the fastest trains. The crack train from New York. From New York to Los Angeles. Different trains every time. From Chicago to New York. In 1939.(Virginia). 1939 (Lawrence Davis). 1940. 1941. 1941...  (展开)
bold 2016-04-09 20:04:32


链接: Background During World War II, Reich made train journeys between New York and Los Angeles to visit his parents, who had separated. Years later, he pondered the fact that, as a Jew, had he been in Europ...  (展开)
08zhifubao 2008-12-13 23:09:26


听了defferent trains,不停的重复与穿插配音配上火车似的节奏很容易让人联想到战争前后空气中弥漫的不寻常的味道……  (展开)
同比恢复夏老师 2008-06-14 07:12:54

我还在买唱片之Steve Reich: Different Trains

(注:由于[一篇写于多年前的有关朝鲜纪录片的观后感],19年五月以来开始不断收到朝鲜水军的控评和骚扰,包括在我所有的评论(与该国、该观后感毫不相关的音乐评论)下点无用和留言辱骂。已向豆瓣举报。) 作为现代音乐的开创性人物之一,史蒂夫·莱克(Steve Reich)一直以先...  (展开)

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