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He's wearing headphones! I'm terrified! So John Wilson, your guitar savant, how old was he when you started working with him? GG: 17. Pretty early on we'd recorded 'Facist Groove Thang' and the backing track was down and we'd got this gap in the middle - a...  (展开)
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Heaven 17

Heaven 17是由Human League出完Travelogue脱退的两个成员组建的,巧的是Travelogue的评价烂到了极点,而走了俩人Human League招了两个年龄加起来不到35的的女成员以后的第一张专辑Dare!竟然变成了一张公认的新浪潮经典 不过,这一前一后比起来,我倒是更喜欢Travelogue。 言...  (展开)

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