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杜羽 2010-08-18 13:08:51

i don't want to talk about it

i can tell by your eyes that you've prob'bly been cryin' forever and the stars in the sky don't mean nothin' to youthey're a mirror i don't want to talk about ithow you broke my heart if i stay here just a little bit longer if i stay herewon't you li...  (展开)
归去来兮 2008-01-18 17:51:47


听这张专辑, 其实就是为了听那一首歌:sailing 我喜欢这首歌,她把我种种想通过音乐抒发出来的情绪都淋沥尽致的表达了,有忧伤, 有豪情, 有感动,有迷惘。。。。。 动人的音乐总是会流到你的心里最深处,无论何时何地…… 人生,也许原本就是sailing......  (展开)

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