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DLL@baidu 2017-04-25 13:55:39

对音乐饥不择食的 向名利进发的闯劲

评分:B* 在长达11分钟的,充满垃圾和弦和廉价电声的序曲/咏叹调“Funeral for a Friend” 和现在大概只有张杰粉丝还在听的“Candle in the wind”之后, 这张专辑迎来了Elton John两首最顶尖的作品: 被Mary J Blige完美采样的lounge soul “Bennie and the Jet”和 用挥...  (展开)
oasistrokes 2013-03-01 06:44:18

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was where Elton John's personality began to gather more attention than his music, as it topped the American charts for eight straight weeks. In many ways, the double album was a recap of all the styles and sounds that made John a s...  (展开)

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