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oasistrokes 2014-06-29 02:33:19

Review by Heather Phares

On the strength of their debut, Oh, Inverted World, the Shins went from indie rock underdogs to one of the style's most beloved bands, and deservedly so: it sounded fresh and timeless, universal and uniquely personal. In fact, it was so good that it may hav...  (展开)
Z 2008-02-11 18:21:26


相当喜欢这个乐队,本来音乐就是很主观的东西,乐队的各种方面都相当对我胃口,三张专辑都买了原盘,感觉真好,特别是这张专辑的歌纸特别有创意,相当特别。  (展开)
jessie 2008-05-27 18:03:23


是the shins迄今为止发行的所有专辑在Pitchfork上review评分最高的一张。the shins被主流认识还要归功于natalie portman的强烈推荐,在她主演的garden state的OST的cast里集结了相当的indie-folk band, the shins就是其中之一。在chutes too narrow这张里,pink bullet是我最喜...  (展开)

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